Friday, March 28, 2008

Show & Tell at Preschool

Mom April took me to work today as her show & tell. It was letter W week and I have 2 "W"s in my name. I had fun with the little kids and getting to hang out in the break room. This is the outfit I wore. One little boy called it my navy shirt. One day Mom April is going to have to let me off the leash and have complete run of the preschool. I'll really teach those kids something!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Family that Adopts Together...

stays together! Latest family picture. Dad Paul's shirt says Adoption in English and Chinese. Mom April's jacket says "Expecting my daughter from China". My new shirt has a Chinese fortune cookie on it with the fortune reading "A child is in your future."

Dad Paul's Soccer Game

Mom April and Grandma Susan went to watch Dad Paul play soccer. Note the cast. He broke his thumb several weeks ago (also playing soccer). The doctor said he could play with the cast since it would protect him. He gets it off Wednesday and I can't wait. It's too hard to bite the cast!0

Egg Hunt with the Easter Bunny

I went to church with Mom April and Dad Paul. Of course, they left me in her office. After church we went to the park for lunch and an Easter Egg Hunt. The easter Bunny even showed up and I got my picture with him. It was great to see Maya, Levi, and Matthew.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Big Giant Dump Truck

When Dad Paul took me and Matthew for a walk we saw all these great big construction vehicles. Matthew has a book that explains each of them, and his favorite is the "big giant dump truck". Later Paw Paw Briggs took Matthew down to the site and they got to play on and in them. Somehow, I missed that fun, but Matthew had a blast.

Maya's Birthday Party

Mom April and Dad Paul went to Maya's birthday party today. She had lots of fun at McDonald's. I wanted to go too but they took Matthew instead. Maya's grandma gave her a bouncy house so after the party they went back to her house to play.

Please take note of Dad Paul's bright green cast. He broke his thumb playing soccer. Yes, he knows he's not supposed to use his hands, but somehow he managed to break it. Of course, that didn't stop him from playing the kids.

Snow in Texas

Yes, it does snow in Texas! Not much and it doesn't usually stick, but it was still cold. I didn't really care about the snow, but Kelso loved it. The other kitties wanted to go outside until they felt the wet stuff on their paws. We actually had snow 2 days in one week. And in true Texas fashion we had 80+ degree weather within a week of the snow.