Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Gladney Chinese New Year Celebration

Logan and I invited the cousin Matthew to go to the Chinese New Year dinner.  The boys had a great time together.

 After doing some crafts, there was a magician who made each of the kids a snake in honor of the new year.


They also got red envelopes with chocolate coins.  After the magician we had Chinese food before heading home.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Your Written Name

I have a nephew who passed away at only 7 weeks old. His name is Owen.  One day I was looking at kids books and found one about a boy named Owen and his dad.  I bought it for my sister and her husband.  Their Owen was gone but stories about an Owen were out there.  About a year and a half later there was a tsunami that spawned a friendship between an old tortoise and a baby hippo named Owen.  Their story is found in the books above.  And I can't read them without thinking abut my nephew.

Since then, I am always on the look out for stories with the name Owen (and have found several).  I later learned at an Early Childhood training that it is important for children to see their name in print.  That little tidbit of information continued to spur my desire to find books with the names of children I cared for and about.

We had a friend whose son died of SIDS.  For Christmas, I gave them this book.  And bought one for us too.

Of course, Sophie has books with her name (although I find a lot more Sophia ones).

I even found a set of chapter books about a girl named Sophie who looks a lot like I did as a child.  I give her a new one on her birthday.  My mom found another set for her too.

Books with the name Logan have been much harder to find. (And, I'll probably never find one whose character looks like our Logan.)

Of course, Wolverine from the X-Men comics is named Logan.  We have lots of those and if you asked Logan who it is he doesn't say Wolverine, but Logan.

During Christmas, I found this book at Half Priced Books.  It's the first book I remember having my name in it.