Saturday, June 30, 2012

Project Life June 2012

The Mom Creative

Because things got so busy, I hadn't been doing much scrapbooking.  But now that preschool is out, I've been able to do more.  I accomplished quite a bit in June, completing the following:
  1. Journal cards for August and September for Logan
  2. Journal cards for September for Sophie
  3. Cropped and placed the remainder of the year for both kids (October through December, just need to do journal cards)
  4. Pocket pages for art work for the entire year for both kids
  5. Sophie's baby (1st year) album (she's only 3 so it was about time)
  6. I also added some things to the kids "yearbooks" that their teachers put together.  Basically, if I had artwork that would fit in 8.5x11 page protectors I put them in those notebooks.
Here are some pictures of the art pockets.

Some of my favorite layouts from Sophie's album:

My plan for July is to complete the journal cards for both kids which will complete those albums.  I'd also like to complete Logan's China album.  I need to figure how I want to continue with their individual albums since Logan will be starting I switch my timeframe so that the album follows the school-year or keep it they way I've been doing?  If I switch to the school-year, what do I do about Sophie who won't start school for a couple of years?  Or, do I do a separate album that is just school stuff?  Hmmm, things to think of.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Austin Summer Vacation

We took our family vacation with my sister and her kids.  Paul found a resort type place where we rented a house for the week.  It had 3 bedrooms plus a full kitchen.  It worked out so great.  The kids had cousins to play with, I had my sister, and Paul got to golf.  We'd eat breakfast and most lunches at the house then go out for dinner.  The kids could nap and rest if needed, and us adults could spend time together.

I took games for the kids as well as some special toys.  We had fun one afternoon waiting for Paul to finish his golfing.

 We explored the resort our fist afternoon.  We played a round of miniature golf.

 Okay, Sophie didn't play but she loved the rocks!
We took the kids to the pools several times.  They had a small one for the younger ones and the regular one that was perfect for my older nephew.  Kelly and I enjoyed getting to just hang out poolside and relax.

There was a walking trail through the woods.  Kelly and I took all the kids on a shortened version, but the boys wanted Paul to really hike with them.  There was a teepee along the path as well as waterfalls and the creek.

We tried to find different places to eat.  Some turned out fine others not so much.  This place was supposed to be kid-friendly with a playground.  My nephew was not impressed (I believe his actually description was "this sucks").  We did get a family picture taken.

 And this amazing photo of my 2 favorite boys!
Because we had a yard, I bought some silly string and we got to play one night after dinner.  The kids had a great time.

 But I think the parents had even more fun!

Paul took my nephew Matt with him one afternoon while he golfed.  He loved riding in the golf cart.  I entertained the kids by letting them play with ice cubes.  We drew on the concrete and watched it disappear, then we took turns throwing the ice off the balcony.

We took a boat ride to see the bats under the Congress Bridge.  It was kind of cool.

Me and my favorite gal!
On the way home we stopped and had a little retail therapy at the outlet mall.  All in all, it was a great trip!