Saturday, November 30, 2013

New Home Tour

Building a house was definitely a crazy experience.  It was very stressful (especially at the beginning).  I learned some things about Paul (like he has very specific ideas for the corners of kitchen cabinets).  I had no idea how much the design pieces were dependent on each other.  We had chosen all the design elements and then saw the granite in a different home and decided it was too dark.  Changing that one thing, caused us to change everything else except one carpet color.  (I loved the new elements so much more than the original.)
It would have been nice if we lived closer and could have watched the progress more but we did go by as often as we could.  Up until framing it seemed to take forever.

Once the framing was done, things moved so quickly.  We didn't get to see much and sometimes it was difficult to visualize the final product.  It was during this time that we rearranged how the rooms would be purposed.

Starting to see some of the details.

After the woodwork was stained.

Closing and getting the keys.

We took a couple of weeks to move in, having some rooms painted, ceiling fans installed, and new furniture delivered.

Then we had the movers come and started the process of unpacking and rearranging (and more rearranging). Here's how it looked before the holidays.
The play room

Dining room

Foyer bookcases

Master bedroom

More playroom

Playroom shelves

Art display in breakfast nook/area

My computer desk

Living area looking towards kitchen

Sophie Rose's room

Logan George's room

Homework station

Game loft with video game center

Gaming table

Looking down at the living room
After Christmas, I'll work on decoration some of the other rooms.  We have more space than before so there are rooms that I didn't really do much with, knowing that I was going to be putting up Christmas decorations.  I am also waiting until after my step-dad can come help me put up all the wall stuff (that's his specialty).  There is a closet that is completely filled with framed items to go on the walls.  I can't wait to get that part done.  We also need some curtains to help fill the space, but I need to decide on the decor first.  I'm not rushing because I know we are going to be in the house for a very long time so I have plenty of time to really make it ours.