Sunday, February 24, 2013

Happy Happy Birthday

My twin cousins turned 16 this month so we decided to celebrate their Sweet Sixteen.  My sister and I first took them shopping because dinner out for you Sweet Sixteen requires a dress (even if you never wear them).  I even made them try on a couple of super fancy dresses from the clearance rack (unfortunately, they were too small).  We had sitters for the little kids and let the girls each invite a friend to go with us.

I made them wear tiaras and princess sashes, too.  Hey we were going for the whole theme!

It was also my dad's birthday so he came too.
We went to Red Lobster and let the teenagers go crazy trying new foods.  We had cookie lava cakes for dessert with candles.  And they even sang "Happy Birthday" to everyone.

I hope the girls had a good time.  Now to start planning the next big party!