Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wrangler's a Whole New Dog

No pictures to post, just an update. Wrangler's surgery went well (and was very quick). He spent on night at the vet's and then 10 days with the stitches. We haven't seen much change in him, but the trainer says that it can take up to 3 months. He was supposed to take it easy while the first few days, but that was nearly impossible. Basically, we just tried to keep him and the kitty krew separated so he wouldn't try playing with them.

We have still been going to training each week. He does so well on the leash and we are also working on some "Good Canine Citizenship" stuff. Things like sitting politely while someone pets him, walking through crowds, greeting other dogs. He does fairly well on everything except allowing the handler to brush him. He thinks the brush is a toy or something and tries to grab it and chew on it.

The trainer got to see a different side to Wrangler today. We went outside to the fenced area, hoping to work on off leash stuff. He did pretty good at "stay" with his leash removed but once we let him off the leash and sniff a little he would come when called and ran from us. I'm glad he did this because that's the problems we have at home, but the trainer never sees him do anything except being well behaved. We are going to continue working outside with the long leash and also off leash stuff. He does like his trainer now. He went right to her and gave her kisses. Big difference from just a few short weeks ago when he would shake just walking into the room.