Sunday, January 24, 2010

Out of the Loop

I haven't had time to post anything lately, still adjusting to Paul's work schedule. Plus, the computer is causing me grief with my camera. Hopefully, I'll get some time early this week and can get everyone caught up.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Wagon Ride

So the weather finally warmed up a bit and Mom April was able to take us for a walk in the neighborhood. Sophie got to ride in her new wagon and I was on the least until my collar came off. Then Mom April was worried about how loose it was and that I would break free of the leash and go running off. I mean just because I used to take off and make her chase me doesn't mean I'd still do that. (Okay, maybe I would.) Anyway, she made me get in the wagon with Sophie, which wasn't too bad.

I think Sophie was worried I'd jump out and leave her. If you look closely you can see she has a firm grip on the base of my tail!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Being Pet Owners

Technically, Paul and I are pet owners but it's really hard for us to believe that, when our pets are such members of the family. How can you really own a dog who sleeps with his head on the pillow next to yours? Or the cat who lays on your chest as he kneads the hair laying on either side of your face? Then there's the cat who hangs out on top of the shower while you shampoo each morning and the one who reminds you to wash your hands by jumping up on the sink when he hears a toilet flush. Do you really own the cat who loves to be petted and brushed but hates all the attention, or the one who just wants to curl up in your lap? Even the bird reminds you who is in charge by singing at all times of the day OR night!

I know I drive my mom crazy with how we've spoiled our pets and let them have the run of the house. I used to agree with her, I would have thought someone like me was bonkers...but our pets have become part of our family. We got our first 2 kittens when we got married, which was also the time we started trying to get pregnant ourselves. Through infertility, adoption paperwork, and the waiting and waiting and more waiting, our pets have been the ones we nurtured and cared for.

Now that we have our own little baby girl, the pets are too much a part of our family to go back to "just animals". We are still nurturing our pets as we nurture our daughter. Although the cats are very indifferent to her now, one day that may change as she becomes the lap they want to curl up on. Wrangler (the dog) can be very jealous at times but it does seem that he cares about Sophie and she is certainly fascinated with him. When our adopted child finally comes home from China, it will seem only fitting that our family began with a marriage and the adoption of two little kittens.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Maw Susan's Surgery

Mom April's mom (Maw Susan) had to have surgery on her wrist yesterday. It went well and hopefully will mean that she won't be in pain anymore. Sophie was a little upset because she wanted Maw Susan to pick her up and she couldn't but the doctor said after a couple of days she can do whatever she feels okay doing. It was funny watching her get ready for a shower though. She can't get the stitches wet for 2 weeks so she put a yellow rubber glove over her hand. Not sure how she actually washed with that on, though. We are all praying for a speedy recovery and full use of the hand, pain-free.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Playdate with Gertie

My nephew Levi got a great dane puppy for Christmas. Wrangler has been acting a little depressed and very needy so I asked Levi if he and Gertie wanted to come over for a playdate. They had a great time playing in the backyard (for about 3 hours). After that we let them in where Gertie promptly fell asleep on someone's lap. About an hour later they were at again playing chase around the house. That is Wrangler's favorite game!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas Pictures

Christmas in my family is always a week long affair (if not longer). We started this year with a gingerbread party with my stepsisters and their families. Then we exchanged gifts with my parents, before heading to Paul's parents for Christmas with his family. the next day we went to East Texas to see my sister and brother-in-law, followed a couple of days later with my dad. Here are just a few pictures from all the events.
Wrangler waiting patiently for his presents

Christmas morning with Santa's presents

Sophie helping Grandpa Mike open his present...a box of framed pictures of her!

Maw Susan and her grandkids

Opening gifts at the Walkers

Dad Paul opening his present from Sophie...a Thor t-shirt

Sophie opening a present on December 23rd. My mom always let us open one gift early, so I let Sophie do the same. Of course, it was Christmas pj's.

My nieces, Maya and Olesya

Maya with Sophie

Sophie playing with her first Christmas present. Cousin Levi picked it out even though it may be a tad too old for her, it is an elephant so of course she had to have it.

New Year's Eve

(I'll get to Christmas, I promise. I decided it would be easier to try to keep current and work on the past as I have time.)

Paul has been super busy at work, including having to work full day on New Year's Eve. (He also didn't get to take his last few days of vacation, but he'll get them next year.) We had decided that since he was also going to have to work New Year's Day that we would just go have an early dinner and then come home and watch movies and play board games. When I said early, I meant "senior citizens" early, you know like at 5pm, in order to avoid having to wait at all. I called to check on Paul at 4pm and he said he was going to be at least another hour. Add in the hour or so it takes for him to drive home, and I said "Forget it!" that would put us at dinner too late. We (or maybe just me) decided to order pizza instead. I'm sure it didn't help that the weather was gray, wet, and yucky all day, or that I've been battling an upper respiratory thing since Saturday. I was disappointed, partly at Paul too, because he didn't seem to care too much that we had no plans for New Years Eve. I want to make sure that we have regular date nights...what hope do I have when those built-in "dates" don't happen.

Anyway, we had our pizza (or toasted sandwiches to be more accurate), then watched the proposal after putting Sophie to bed. I was having a hard time staying awake, so Paul sent me to bed after the movie. He joined me and was snoring before my cough medicine even kicked in. I just happened to wake up at 11:58pm and woke Paul up to wish him Happy New Year!

Paul went into to work today and I worked on laundry. I also took Sophie to get pictures with my mom and stepdad. My sister and her kids come other for dinner of ham and mashed potatoes (I requested the potatoes because I didn't get any at Thanksgiving or Christmas with the Walkers, and my stepdad requested the ham for the same reason). It was a very productive day, I just wish Paul didn't have to work. Of course, had he been home I probably wouldn't have gotten nearly enough done.

Thanksgiving with the Walkers

We spent Thanksgiving with Dad Paul's family. I stayed at his mom's house while they went to his brothers to eat. (At least I didn't have to stay at home in the kennel with the Kitty Krew!)

This has become the family tradition. We join Bill and Cheri and her family for Thanksgiving lunch of turkey, dressing, deviled eggs, and Cheri's famous sweet potato casserole. There is other food but these are the staples. Paul's mom usually does the turkey and Bill and Cheri take care of the rest. this year they asked me to make a green bean casserole. I can only assume it tasted okay, since I don't like green bean casserole. Paul said it was fine, but he eats anything.

After dinner the guys watched football while the ladies cleaned up some. Somehow I didn't end up helping with that , maybe I was doing something with Sophie? At some point there is at least 2 people sleeping in front of the tv. This year it was actually Paul, his dad, and Sophie.