Sunday, October 20, 2013

Halloween Movie Sleepover

Kalyn got to pick the movie for this week's sleepover.  She actually chose to watch a bunch of Halloween-themed shows from Disney Jr. and Nick Jr. We had a spooky-themed dinner, played Halloween charades, did face painting and dressed in costumes.

Spider-girl drinking from her special skeleton hand goblet.

This was the best I could do for face painting.

Cards for charades.  They were made as a matching game that I found on

Graveyard desserts.

Playing games in their costumes.

Charades: owl, jack-o-lantern, tree, and frog.

Mummy dogs.

Candy corn fruit parfaits.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Completed Summer Bucket List

I didn't get as many things done on my list as I wanted but with the move and Logan George's speech camp and swimming lessons and everything else, we stayed very busy.  Some of the items were actually done in the fall and those that can be done will be added to my Fall Bucket List.

Here's the list:
  1. host a sprinkler party: we did this with our friend Zoey
  2. backyard camping
  3. watch fireworks: technically Logan George was the only one who did this, he saw some out his window
  4. rootbeer floats: we got rootbeer floats on National Rootbeer Float Day
  5. library summer reading program: because of the move we missed the program at both the old house and the new location
  6. Perot Museum

  7. Monster University
  8. Despicable Me 2
  9. cousins Sleepover: we've had several since we moved to the new house

  10. catch fireflies: never saw any
  11. go to a baseball game
  12. water park: we were in the water so much with the new community pool and swim lessons that we just never made it to the water park
  13. geocaching
  14. bowling

  15. ice cream cookie sandwiches
  16. treasure hunt
  17. scavenger hunt: we did a few different ones
  18. art canvases
  19. Fort Worth Science Museum

  20. umbrellas, rain boots, and puddles

  21. Yes Day: I had planned to do this after reading the book , but we never made it to the library to get it
  22. train ride
  23. zoo
  24. VBS: Sophie Rose did 2 different VBS's and Logan George did one
  25. wax museum
  26. fly kites
  27. visit Grandad's grave

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Home Alone Movie Night

My nephew Matthew got to choose this night's movie...his pick Home Alone.

After a quick summary of the movie I chose the menu incorporating New York City and France.

New York style hot dogs for dinner.
We went to a French cafĂ© for breakfast after the sleepover and had crepes.  I pulled some picks to create the invitations.

The kids LOVED the movie.  They were laughing so hard, it made me laugh just listening to them.
Maw Susan joined us for this week's movie.  We put Sophie Rose on the counter to create more space on the couch and also because she had just woke up from a nap.  She never even had dinner, just popcorn.  Next up Kalyn's Halloween choice.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Random Stuff and Catching Up

So I am in purge mode and I have a bunch of folders on my computer of pictures waiting to go in a blog post, which means I'm going to give you a big glimpse into our lives.

These kids make me so happy!

  • We have been exploring new parks in the area.

I had Logan George write Sophie Rose an apology note.

Coloring at a storytime.

Sophie Rose and her Daddy

Painting in the backyard

We have lots of bunny rabbits in our neighborhood.
  •  Sophie Rose had me set up a grocery store in the playroom so she could go shopping.

  • The kids had fun drawing on the patio door with some new window markers.

  • Sophie Rose's "plain ol' Bible"; she specifically requested a Bible she could write in so we went to Half-Price Books and found her one.

  • Sophie Rose and Kalyn started gymnastics this fall and have loved it.