Monday, April 27, 2009

Playing with Matthew

Matthew came for a visit. He and Dad Paul had so much fun together. They rode their scooters, took the new kite out, played with the swords, and went to the playground.

This is what Dad Paul looks like after a few hours with Matthew.
He is going to have to work on his stamina in order to keep up with Baby Sophie!

Boating on Lake Hawkins

I got to go with Mom April to the lake. We went out on the boat for a little while. I think Mom April was more scared than I was. I had lots of fun at the lake. there was so much to see and smell. And I even made friends with a neighbor dog. After the lake we went to Matthew's house for his birthday party. It wasn't as much fun though. There was a little girl who didn't like dogs, so Mom April kept me tethered up away from her. Daisy did let me eat some of her food (which was good since I had dumped mine out at the lake). Hopefully, we'll go back to the lake again someday!