Sunday, July 17, 2011

Visiting the Cousins

The kids and I went to East Texas several times this summer to visit my sister and the cousins. We had so much fun! Logan loved getting to play with Matthew (who is 2 years older) Sophie had a blast with Kalyn (who is 2 weeks older). There were some days that I was at home with the all 4 of the kids while Kelly worked but we did also get to do some things altogether.

The boys getting ready for bed. Logan didn't go to sleep right away and Matthew ended up coming to tell us he was keeping him awake so Logan slept with me in the guest room.

Morning snack of fruit and whipped cream.

On one of the trips I had brought cornstarch to make "goop" or "slime". We decided to do it outside in the wading pool because it can be messy. The kids eventually just stripped down to their undies, then they decided I needed to get in on all the fun.

They even slimed Lucy, the new puppy!

We took the kids to a children's museum in town. It was so neat. We got in really cheap because of the science museum passes I have. They had a man-made cave you could walk through that led to the second story where there was a replica of a ship. They had tables set up with various activities like dinosaur rubbings, magnets, domino chains, gears and gadgets. There was a climbing wall and the room below where you could race balls all around.

Steering the ship. They had a HUGE globe up here where we found China for Logan.

Inside the cave.

Then they had a town set up in the other half of the building. They had a bank, grocery store, internet cafe, newspaper office, milking cow, diner, vet's office, theater, doctor's office, ambulance, and neonatal nursery. Each of the places was sponsored by actual businesses in the area. For example, the internet cafe was sponsored by Suddenlink which is an internet/cable provider. The neonatal nursery was sponsored by Mother Frances Hospital, where my sister works as a Labor & Delivery nurse. The ambulance was a real vehicle in the middle of the room where you could go into the back and take care of a patient. I cannot wait to go back again!

I took the slip and slide Jill gave us with me on one of the visits. The boys loved it!

Here's Logan, face down the whole way.

Matthew sittin' and sliding.

Sophie was more interested in the swings.

Kalyn never did get the sliding part figured out so she just crawled!

More water play.

Hanging out in the front yard.

We had a great time visiting with the family. Can't wait to do it again next summer!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Museums in Dallas

There are 2 museums in Dallas that do family events on the same Saturday each month. They are next to each but all we've ever done in the past is the Crow Asian Museum. This time though we went to the Nasher Museum too. They had a scavenger hunt where you located different sculptures using just a small portion of a picture of it. It was really a great thing for the kids because they were outside on the lawn and they could run all over, checking out these huge art pieces.

I took this picture for one of my teachers. This is the artist she used as inspiration for her class's art gallery at the end of the year.

We went to the Crow Museum too but honestly, I don't remember very much specific about it. The kids loved playing in the fountain. Water is definitely their favorite past time!

I know we drank bubble tea and I think it was in conjunction with the science museums Chinasaurs exhibit so the kids made dinosaur faces from paper plates. There may have been more but I really don't remember.