Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Matthew and Kelly are here visiting and helping to care for Grandpa Mike. Last night Matthew and Uncle Paul both wore their Superman pajamas. Of course, Superman isn't complete until he has his cape. After a quick soar around the house, it was time for bed!

Mail Call

Mom April got a package in the mail from Jill, Hope, Noah and John. There was a MIC gift and a birthday present, but the best part was the Star and Stripes hat for me and the rope toys. I'm all set for the Fourth of July celebration!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom April

Friday was Mom April's birthday. Unfortunately, it wasn't really very festive. Her dad Mike had a tumor removed from his bladder and a biopsy done on his kidney the day before. He stayed with us for a couple of days recuperating. The procedure was more complicated than initially expected and Mom April wasn't prepared. But I liked having him around. He has a doctor's appointment later this week to get the results. I'll post more about that then.

Dad Paul took her out to eat and to get a special birthday dessert. Unfortunately, the "warm brownie" sundae was refrigerator cold. They tried again the next night at Johnny Carrino's where Mom April's pepper-less Italian nachos came with peppers twice! The Krew and I gave her a new necklace and Dad Paul is taking her to see some Chinese acrobats next week.

Mom April says "Thanks" for all the cards and good wishes!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Matthew's New House

Mom April left me with Dad Paul for the weekend to go help Matthew move into his new home. It's a big deal to stay with Dad Paul, you have to remind him about everything. These are some pictures of the new place. I can't wait to go visit, they now have a nice (fenced) back yard. I hear Matthew's dog Daisy is adjusting, but misses getting to run all over the lake.

Matthew at his Cars table in the kitchen.

His new bedding in his blue room.

Playing with the video game. He was very upset when he found out all the tv's were broken (at least until the cable gets set up.) He kept asking for "milk and Tom and Jerry", his usual bedtime treat. He likes his new house but was completely tuckered out.