Sunday, September 22, 2013

Frisco Central Park

We decided to get out of the house and let the kids run around a new park.  I went online and found this one.  It's not a playground (which I had to explain several times to the kiddos) but there was plenty of room to run and they had a water feature and a pond.  We took a picnic lunch and then just let them roam where they wanted.  We even saw Santa Claus.  He was there taking pictures with his grandkids.  Logan George immediately pointed out his beard and said "he's like a grandpa".

My Fearless Sophie Rose

Come on, Mom!
The kids had a blast walking along the "creek", riding the life-size longhorns, and just running around.  They didn't even seem to mind that there wasn't a playground.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Ninja Movie Night

We love being so close to the cousins and we love our new media room so we have been having lots of sleepovers and movie nights.  I have enjoyed coming up with the menu and activities to go along with the night's theme.  I've also let a different kid choose the movie each night (thanks to DirecTV On Demand).  It was Matt's turn to choose and he wanted Home Alone...unfortunately it wasn't available until after the sleepover so he chose 3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain.  I was afraid the little girls wouldn't like the movie but all of them thought it was hilarious.  They loved that the kids were beating up the bad guys and it had a slapstick feel to it.  And what kid doesn't love that!

Japanese-style fried chicken

Rice crispie sushi rolls

I asked each of the kids what their favorite part of the movie.  They each chose one of the scenes where one of the kids used there ninja skills on the bad guys.  I did laugh because Sophie called one of the characters "Chocolate" (he was actually called Tom Tom).  Apparently, he always had candy so she gave him her own nickname.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Ethan's Mario Party

Ethan had a Mario birthday party.  I am always surprised at the pop culture my kids know.  Sophie Rose knew the different characters...where has she seen Mario?!?  As we were driving to the party, Logan George asked if there was going to be a bounce house and I said "no, probably not".  Guess what?  There was a bounce house!

Sophie Rose got second place in the game.

Mario Moustaches

Princess Peach aka Sophie Rose

Saturday, September 7, 2013

End-of-School Luau Bash

To celebrate the end of summer and start of school, we had a luau including movie night and sleepover.
 We had Hawaiian chicken and rice, Hawaiian bread, and fruit kabobs with punch.

I was going to make these little molten cakes, but the kids were full after all the popcorn.  I found summer party supplies on sale to make it festive.

All the kids enjoyed dinner (they love soy sauce chicken and rice).

After dinner we watched Lilo & Stitch and ate popcorn.
The girls had colored hair extensions.

Now we are ready for fall and back to school.