Sunday, April 27, 2008

What happens when Mom April makes the bed...

You get a bed full of kitties!

Matthew is King of the Mountain

Mom April went to pick up Grandma Susan in East Texas. Matthew has been helping help move some mulch to level the area around the camper. Mom April put him on top of the mulch so he be tall. He was a pro with the shovel and wheelbarrel!

Thai Relatives

Grandma Noi's brother and his wife came from Thailand to visit. We went to Aledo to have dinner with them. I couldn't understand a thing they said. But Grandma Noi seemd to be very happy!

Playing in the Backyard

Mom let the Kitty Krew go outside in the backyard with me. She doesn't do that very often because Kumar and Kudos like to jump the fence. They are going to have to tell me how they do it! We all enjoyed the great weather and sunshine. The cats love to eat grass, so I tried some too. (Threw it up later though. Sorry, Mom!) Grandma Susan helped get the flowerbeds ready for spring and Briggs put it the rose trellis. Mom April can't wait for the flowers to start blooming.

Friday, April 11, 2008

My First Trip to the Dog Park

Mom April and Grandma Susan took me to the dog park. There was only one other dog there and he smelled okay. They even have a water fountain just for us dogs.

Please note my new haircut. Bet you didn't realize that I was part dalmation, but just look at those spots!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Spring Break in Little Rock

Mom April and Grandma Susan took me to Little Rock to see Hope and Jill. Jill said I had grown big, but so has she. I'll be nice and not post the pictures we have of her belly. The girls all went sightseeing, riding the trolley car and eating at Bill Clinton's favorite place Doe's. They also saw the church where Jill works, and Hope gave them the grand tour. I have fun traveling but my stomache doesn't like it much. After Arkansas, we went to visit Matthew for a few days. I had lots of fun chasing him around!

Matthew's Birthday Party

We went out to Hawkins for Matthew's birthday party. Unfortunately, I didn't get to actually go to the party since the park didn't allow pets. Apparently, the park is on museum property. That's an old train caboose that Mom April and Dad Paul are playing with Matthew. The party theme was Firetrucks and the park also had an old fire engine that the kids could play on. Matthew seemed to have lots of fun!